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I’m a passionate healthcare professional and entrepreneur with over twelve (12) years’ experience in the public and private  sectors in East and Southern Africa both in Government, Private Consulting Inc. Multilateral and Bilateral agencies in development. I am an avid social media/digital channel strategist and health practitioner with my own active website and twitter handle. Most recently, I have worked recently as Deputy Team Leader/Healthcare Consultant for the Private Sector Innovation Program for Health (PSP4H) funded by the Department for International Development (DFID). This groundbreaking project has been implementing new approaches in making markets work for the poor (M4P) in health. I am a proponent of having sustainable models both in public and private health sector to benefit the World’s poorest with high quality and affordable healthcare. Under PractHealth (PH) Consulting Limited I run my private consulting company, with consulting roles for World Bank in Southern Africa region under the Health, Nutrition and Population global practice and also USAID funded Promoting Quality of Medicines (PQM) programme implemented by USP.   In my free time I play table tennis, watching Wimbledon and US Open (ardent tennis and rugby fan), love travelling and socialising, tweeting and taking vacations I can afford!!

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Latest Articles

  • Sustainable Inclusive Business (SIB)


        What is SIB? Sustainable Inclusive Business, Knowledge Centre is here to give you a ‘practical’ hand in how and why to start being a (more) Sustainable Inclusive Business resulting in a positive impact on people and the environment. Watch this video for a very brief and clear explanation on Sustainable Inclusive Business, and […]

  • The East Africa Public Health Laboratory Networking Project (EAPHLNP)


    The East African Public Health Laboratory networking project comes at an exciting time when the Ministries’ of Health are making amends to re-engineer diagnostic services in Kenya and the region. This is an opportunity for laboratory professionals to invest by having new diagnostic technologies to inform public health policy and also improve laboratory management practices […]

  • Under Recognized Cadres of Human Resources for Health (HRH) in Africa


    Of all the regions of the World, Africa is lagging considerably behind when it comes to the availability of health personnel. Africa’s health human resource problems take various forms, including overall scarcity, inequitable distribution and poor performance. Governments across Africa with support from development partners are stepping up efforts to strengthen the health workforce, building on […]

Recent Activities

  • African Capacity Alliance 4th Round Table Meeting – 28th July 2015


    Dr. Masila presented on PSP4H programming at the 4th round table for ACA and CHMI meeting in Nairobi on 28th July 2015

  • EAPHLNP Holds First Regional Satellite Laboratory Meeting

    Kenya  Recieves  Six Awards   –  Kigali, Rwanda 1st -6th July 2013

    Kenya  Recieves  Six Awards   –  Kigali, Rwanda 1st -6th July 2013 East Africa Public Health laboratory Networking Project (EAPHLNP) whose objective is“ To establish a network of efficient, high quality, accessible public health laboratories for the diagnosis and surveillance of TB and other communicable diseases has been implementing its work plans in the five East African states. […]


  • Masila Chris. 2016. Asthma Care Improvement Project (ACIP) – project funded by GSK Pharmaceuticals Ltd (Kenya)
  • 2014-2016; Co-author in over 13 research reports from Private Sector Innovation Programme for Health (PSP4H) funded by UK aid/DFID. Website: http://www.psp4h.com/reports/
  • Masila Chris. 2014. Overview of Experiences in the Pharmaceutical Supply Chain; Renewed focus on the working poor (Presentation)
  • Masila, Chris. 2013. Building Laboratory capacity in Kenya: A collaboration between the Field Epidemiology and Laboratory Training Program and the East Africa Public health and Laboratory Network. Presentation at World Bank Headquarters for Sector Manager, Health Nutrition and Population, East and Southern Africa, Washington, D.C.
  • Masila, Chris. 2012. East Africa Public Health Laboratory Network Project. Presentation to 4th Annual Global Laboratory Initiative Meeting and Consultation of the TB Supranational Reference Laboratories Network, Annecy, France.
  • Masila, Chris. 2012. Transforming Laboratory Services in East Africa through the EAPHLN Initiative. Presentation to 1st African Society for Laboratory Medicine Conference in Cape Town, South Africa.
  • Masila, Chris. 2009. A Study of Supply Chain Management of Tuberculosis Commodities in Kenya (Unpublished Masters’ Thesis). Strathmore University, Nairobi.
  • Masila, Chris. 2008. Current Trends in Leprosy Management in Kenya. The Pharmaceutical Journal of Kenya, 19 (3).
  • Masila, Chris. 2008. The Emergence of Multi-Drug Resistant Tuberculosis in Kenya. The Pharmaceutical Journal of Kenya, 19 (3).