About Dr. Chris Masila

Dr. Chris W. Masila is a healthcare professional, avid digital health strategist and health entrepreneur with over ten (10) years’ experience in private and public health sectors in Kenya. Most recently, Dr. Masila worked as Deputy Team Leader/Long term healthcare consultant for the Private Sector Innovation Program for Health (PSP4H) funded by the Department for International Development (DfID). This groundbreaking project has been implementing new approaches in making markets work for the poor (M4P) in health. As an entrepreneur managing a health enterprise (PRACTHEALTH) focused on supply of low cost innovative human medicines, medical devices, equipment and consultancy on non-communicable, medical supply chain and e/m-health opportunities. He currently consults for World Bank in Southern Africa region under the Health, Nutrition and Population Global Practice and also USAID funded Promoting the Quality of Medicines (PQM) implemented by US Pharmacopieal Convention (USP).

Previously, Dr. Masila managed the East Africa Public Health Laboratory Network Project (EAPHLN), a program funded by the World Bank on behalf of the Ministry of Health – Kenya. Prior to the start of the project, Dr. Masila spearheaded program design and fundraising efforts for the program. Under his leadership, the program secured USD 25M in funding and went on to increase the ability of countries in East Africa to prevent, detect and treat communicable diseases. The transformative nature of the program was such that it strengthened cross border collaboration through development of laboratory facilities in border towns, joint resource planning and operational research efforts. For his efforts in this program, Dr. Masila and the EAPHLN team were presented with six awards by East Central and Southern Africa health Community and World Bank for exemplary performance in 2012/2013. Dr. Masila was also commended by the Permanent Secretary of Ministry of Health and the Director of Public Health and Sanitation for securing funding for this program. In addition, Dr. Masila was retained as a technical expert in the development of a similar program for the Ministry of Health – Burundi and raised USD 15M towards the program.

During his tenure at the Ministry of Health – Kenya, Dr. Masila served as the Deputy Chief Pharmacist and Senior Programme Officer in charge of the supply chains for medicines and for medicines and diagnostic products for tuberculosis, leprosy and lung diseases. His contributions in the Division of Leprosy, Tuberculosis and Lung Disease included implementation of new drug formulations for first line treatment of tuberculosis for both adults and pediatrics. He also demonstrated his ability to develop innovative programs while at the Ministry and began with raising USD 280,000 for the Kenya National Public Health Institute to deepen its work with devolution of health services from the national government to the county level.

Dr. Masila prides himself on being a results oriented project team leader and works to inspire team members to achieve goals. He is a believer in mentorship and has invested in the development of young professionals in the field of Pharmacy. As a strategic thinker, he seeks to contribute in his area of expertise as evidenced by his involvement in the editorial committees for policy briefs on making markets work for the poor in health, the EAPHLN newsletters, Ministry of Health – Kenya guidelines on management and treatment of Tuberculosis, and even written opinions on global health for the Guardian Global Development Professionals Network Online.

Believing too, in the importance of volunteer and community work, Dr. Masila mentored students on career development at Loreto Convent Primary School Mombasa. He also worked at the Coast General Province Hospital as a volunteer pharmacist and worked with Red Cross Mombasa as a volunteer. He is part of a World Bank Cancer care and control south to south knowledge exchange involving a number of countries in Africa.

Dr. Masila is a practicing Project Management Professional (PMP) and holds an MBA in Strategic Management. He is also a licensed Pharmacist and a member in good standing of the Pharmaceutical Society of Kenya and Kenya Association of Prevention of Tuberculosis and Lung Diseases in addition to being a Strathmore Business School Alumni.

In his free time, he enjoys watching Kenyan rugby, table and lawn tennis, jogging, taking vacation, long drives and socialising with friends!!