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  • Sustainable Inclusive Business (SIB)


        What is SIB? Sustainable Inclusive Business, Knowledge Centre is here to give you a ‘practical’ hand in how and why to start being a (more) Sustainable Inclusive Business resulting in a positive impact on people and the environment. Watch this video for a very brief and clear explanation on Sustainable Inclusive Business, and […]

  • The East Africa Public Health Laboratory Networking Project (EAPHLNP)


    The East African Public Health Laboratory networking project comes at an exciting time when the Ministries’ of Health are making amends to re-engineer diagnostic services in Kenya and the region. This is an opportunity for laboratory professionals to invest by having new diagnostic technologies to inform public health policy and also improve laboratory management practices […]

  • Under Recognized Cadres of Human Resources for Health (HRH) in Africa


    Of all the regions of the World, Africa is lagging considerably behind when it comes to the availability of health personnel. Africa’s health human resource problems take various forms, including overall scarcity, inequitable distribution and poor performance. Governments across Africa with support from development partners are stepping up efforts to strengthen the health workforce, building on […]

  • Strengthening TB Diagnostics and Structures in East Africa


    As we celebrate World TB day today, March 24th 2013 there is much to be aware about as alot of gains and achievements in the fight against tuberculosis but this has to be maintained by countries so that we are not taken aback from where we came from. The World Bank’s efforts for this biggest […]