Kenya  Recieves  Six Awards   –  Kigali, Rwanda 1st -6th July 2013

EAPHLNP Holds First Regional Satellite Laboratory Meeting

Kenya  Recieves  Six Awards   –  Kigali, Rwanda 1st -6th July 2013

East Africa Public Health laboratory Networking Project (EAPHLNP) whose objective is“ To establish a network of efficient, high quality, accessible public health laboratories for the diagnosis and surveillance of TB and other communicable diseases has been implementing its work plans in the five East African states. Tremendous achievements have been realized and documented. However the implementers at the satellite levels had never had an opportunity to meet and share experiences. This meeting was convened by ECSA-HC,

Theme: Perspectives of the project implementation, success and lessons learnt from the satellite teams.


  1. To share national experiences lessons, achievements and challenges by member states.
  2. To share satellites’ experiences, lessons, achievements and challenges.
  3. To fete various project achievements.
  4. To conduct separate meetings with member countries by the World bank/ECSA/EAC.
  5. To conduct site visits to learn about implementation of the project activities

Member states present were all the states participating within the Project (Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda and Burundi)

The Kenyan delegation was composed of:-

  • Dr. Chris Masila, Project coordinator –Head of delegation
  • Dr. Philip Mbithi, County health coordinator- Kitale
  • Dr. Fatma Bazahy, DMOH- Malindi
  • Ben Kitole DMLT- Malindi
  • Joseph Nzomo, Lab in charge- Machakos
  • Benjamin Wandera,  Lab in charge- Busia
  •  Adow Aden, Lab, in charge – Wajir.

The various country and satellite teams made excellent presentations on country and satellite achievements, challenges, key lessons and priorities for 2013/2014 financial year. Key lessons, best practices and points were picked from the presentations as detailed below;-

  1. In country mock assessment using the WHO/AFRO SLIPTA checklist puts the laboratory in check and fixes non-conformities.
  2. Use of specimen referral is important in strengthening laboratory networks.
  3. Use of FELTP fellows in fast tracking accreditation and supporting the surveillance component at national and satellite laboratories
  4. Cascading of the training to the lower levels from the regional levels is the best way of increasing training numbers.
  5. Having a separate web page for satellite laboratories in the portal is a good advocacy strategy.
  6. Uganda SRL, is a center of excellence and the NRL’s in other East African countries should utilize it
  7. Use of SLIPTA/SLMTA process in addition to provision of mentors, PBF funds to district labs will push accreditation implementation

A presentation of awards for various achievements was also done by the oversight team, led by ECSA Health Community. Kenya was honoured with the following six awards:-

  1. Country Award for Outstanding achievement for the EAPHLN Project Indicators (80%) – Kenya
  2. The Best Mentor in Kenya awarded Mr. Benson Kitole (Malindi Satellite Laboratory)
  3. Exemplary Editorial Leadership for the Kenya Chapter EAPHLN Bulletin awarded to the National Editorial Team
  4. 1st Runner Up under the Regional Peer Accreditation Assessment – Central Microbiology Reference Laboratory
  5. Highest Number of Articles for the EAIDNETS Bulletin in Kenya awarded to Dr. Daniel Langat
  6. The most improved Laboratory overall in the region awarded to Wajir Satellite Laboratory.

On the last day, the teams visited Byumba and Nyagatare satellite sites in Rwanda and made observations that will impact positively on our performance in our Kenyan satellite sites. Both sites had achieved three stars in the accreditation process.